LightTangent Consultancy has on offer comprehensive secondary business research services which can be availed of by major industries. This service covers provision of online business report which will give an overview of potential competitors in a new field; or an overview of a target audience demographic such as recent buying patterns.

Our research options make it possible to conduct comprehensive data collection and application of such information to help your business.

Online Business Research: Our research covers established online sources with regard to your existing market as also its current status, recent actions and products.

Business Competitor Analysis: All pertinent information on competitors such as strategies, business decisions, new product development strategies, expansion plans and financial status. This information proves helpful in deciding how it can or may affect your business.

Industry Profiling and Analysis: We can provide overall information of your industry with special emphasis on competitors, business opportunities etc. Use of SWOT analysis, industry benchmarking and trend analysis helps to determine what suitable actions and key decisions should be taken regarding your competitors.

Business Report Writing: When it comes to documentation LightTangent Consultancy have an expert team who can research, draft and finalise your important business documents. Such information can be used to create business reports.

Database Creation services: Our team can also create detailed databases holding important business data. This includes competitor details, sales lead contacts and customer research.

Secondary Research: As stated above we can provide secondary research using industry-specific tools such as industry publications, reporting services and competitor data.

Country Analysis and Risk Assessment: For any overseas investments, we are able to analyze and provide data regarding potential investment opportunities. Also if there are any risks involved if and when future expansion is considered.

SWOT and PESTEL Analysis: Our services cover all SWOT and PESTEL analysis including that of competitors.

Target Screening: Using your past performance and the performance of your competitors we can come up with your target audience.

Market Sizing Studies: We undertake studies of the market-place which information will prove valuable when it comes to plotting the size of your future target market.