Product description on a product/service is like a sales man for on-line shoppers. In a brick and mortar shop, salesman are available to guide/answer questions/suggest to the customers. The same option is not available for e-commerce companies. A product description becomes important as it has to perform the role of a salesman. A product description should provide basic information of the product; highlight the key functionality, usability, market segment and important general questions by any customer.

Every company selling a product, do have a product description/service description available on the website.

Every product description should try to have these 5 points which will make it more meaningful and complete and ensure that the customer has the required information to take a decision.

1. Target Audience of the product – Who can use this product, who are the ones who will be benefited from this product, why this product is required for the target audience? For example a product only for women, will only interest the women audience and not the other target audience (Men, boys and girls). This will save time of the user as well as a man won’t read this and he can spend time in searching and reviewing other products which he can buy.

2. Attribute of the product – What are the basic attribute/functionality/features of the product?

3. Benefits of the product – Why a customer should use the product? For example – Why a customer should buy Amazon kindle versus buying books, the benefits and cost savings which a customer can avail.

4. Key differentiator – This is an extension of the product attribute. For a me too (a product which is available in common) product, one or two features can be a differentiator vis-a-vis the competitor products. For unique products, the attributes are the selling points.

5. Location of product usage – Where can the product be used? It is a guide to the customer where they should use the product. For example – There are products which can be used outdoors and should not be used indoors. This information is important for the customers to know for safety reasons; however this is not applicable for all products so it is the last item in the list.

Product is always the king and a good product will be sold easily by word of mouth publicity. A good product with a good product description is a killer. A good product description creates a positive image of the brand and helps in a call for action by the customer.