Our contract drafting and contract management services will help you maintain the contracts proactively. The language which is used to write a contract is very important as inconsistent terminologies might result in legal and business risks. We pay great attention to these details. By outsourcing details like contract drafting, you can free your lawyers to focus on negotiating core business terms and favorable pricing.

Benefits of outsourcing contract drafting and contract management services :
  • We have a team of experienced business lawyers. You can benefit from their expertise in the field.
  • Your company’s internal TAT can be reduced. You can also streamline your processes well
  • You can benefit from the regular status updates as they will clearly indicate project developments
LightTangent Consultancy provides contract drafting and management services over a range of fields
1. Personnel agreements
2. Consulting Services
3. Non-Disclosure agreements
4. Trade agreements
5. Teaming agreements
6. Vendor agreements
7. Sale/Lease of property and goods
8. RFPs
9. Media and advertising agreements
10. Technology agreements
11. Indentures
12. Telecom services
13. IP licenses
How does it work?
  • The business lawyers who work with us drafts the contract based on your requirement. This is done on the basis of:
  • Briefing by the client during which the purpose of the contract is understood
  • The first draft is then prepared based on similar contract templates
  • The contract is then modified and drafted using the template as a base to capture the purpose of the contract
  • Once the initial draft is completed, the contract is reviewed by a senior associate or a partner or any authorized lawyer to ensure that the contract captures all the relevant clauses based on client requirement. It also ensures that the points as discussed/required by the client are captured and are legally complacent with the local laws of the country
Why choose LightTangent Consultancy?
  • The lawyers at LightTangent Consultancy are highly qualified and professionally trained in drafting contracts in English language. They have vast industry experience too.
  • LightTangent Consultancy provides preparation of first draft services to clients. These contracts are drafted by the company’s employees who are qualified lawyers in India.
  • The cost benefits of the whole operation are passed on to the client.
  • The quality is not compromised at all
  • By choosing LightTangent Consultancy the company can concentrate on core competency and utilize the critical resources optimally
  • By choosing LightTangent Consultancy one can streamline the contract drafting services
  • The clients can take leverage on the difference in time zone

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