Every business collects large amounts of data on all levels of operation. Whether this data relates to staff, clients, supplies, finances etc it needs to be analyzed and stored in an orderly manner. Companies will then be able to make smart and quick decisions especially when it involves problem solving. As analyzing large amounts of data can take up valuable time it would be a good idea to outsource this work based on the following reasons:

Increasing data: Introduction of the internet has given rise to huge amounts of data becoming available on all levels of business. Companies are faced with making important business decisions but first need to have such data available in a more streamlined and orderly manner. Once this data is analyzed companies will have a clearer picture with regard to their clients, suppliers and other areas of their business.

Shortage of trained Data Analytics staff: Since analyzing available data on the internet requires trained and skilled staff most companies do not have this specialized service. As mentioned above the volume of data is growing with each passing year and soon most companies will not be able to handle such work in-house. We at ‘LightTangent have the required manpower and skills to relieve such companies of this burden.

Surging use of the internet and smart phones: Prolific use of the social media and smart phones has led to enormous amounts of data becoming available. On the whole such data would appear too unstructured and difficult to analyze. LightTangent can help you with analyzing all such data by creating a cohesive pattern and grouping the same. This will lead to better understanding of client needs and social patterns and will help companies to target specific needs.

Cost effective: Data storage costs have been going down in the last 10 years or so especially with the introduction of cloud computing. Since storing data now costs less companies are tending to store large amounts of unstructured data. Organizing this data in a more intelligent and streamline manner is now the need of the hour – leading to having the data analyzed.