Running a business involves having access to a large amount of information in different formats. This data can be converted and stored in a more streamlined format making it easier to find and retrieve when required. LightTangent offers superior data conversion services.  We have the know-how and technical expertise to convert data such as financial statements, catalogues, periodicals, reports etc. from different formats – accurately and in a time-saving manner.

File Conversion Services

We at LightTangent realise the importance of file conversion services. To ensure accurate and affordable services we employ state-of-the-art software combined with in-depth knowledge of multiple publishing sources. This results in superior file conversion services to our clients.

Document Conversion Services

When companies need to make changes in any type of document, knowledge of the right type of conversion could prove beneficial. The task could become a nightmare trying to convert electronic or hard copy documents from one format to another. The solution would be to utilise the services of experts such as ‘X’ company who have experienced and highly trained staff to handle such work. Not only will this save time and frustration it will also result in reduced costs.

Document Digitizing Services

What the customer needs:  For digitizing any document the first step would be to check out what exactly the client wants so that no misunderstandings occur at a later stage.

Document aligning:  After the documents meant for digitizing are identified they need to be collected and put in proper order. Extraneous articles such as pins, paper clips etc should be removed.

Document scanning: Once the documents have been properly collected and aligned they are ready for scanning and saving as image files.

Converting to text files:  With the use of OCR (optical character recognition) the scanned images then get converted to text files.

Document indexing:  Indexing involves naming of files that have been saved, leading to easy retrieval.

Making PDF files: Once all the client’s documents have been identified and organized they are converted to PDF files – either combined or separately.

Checking and packaging: Once the digitization phase is completed the data is checked for any errors. When quality and content are found to be OK the data is then transferred to a CD and handed over to the client.

Data Conversion Services

At LightTangent, we have the technical know-how and expertise to handle flawless data conversion. The wide range of our services cover source and destination formats such as:

  • Conversion of media format
  • Vectorization of data
  • Digital formatting of microfilm scanning and hard copy
  • Indexing, data capture and archiving
  • Clean up of OCR, ICR and OMR
  • Conversion of Word, Excel and PDF
  • Conversion of e-book format
  • Converting FrameMaker, Interleaf, Quark and PageMaker into SGML, HTML and XML
  • Conversion of XML
  • PDF conversion of XHTM and tiff regarding image conversion
  • Conversion of microfiche
  • Searchable MS Word and PDF documents and textual books to XML, XHTML and HTML.
  • Using CS6 software and photo-shop, cropping and enhancement of digital imaging and image editing.

LightTangent uses the latest technology in data/data file conversion software which helps to achieve top quality results and with absolutely no loss of data.

Electronic Data Conversion Services

LightTangent has the capacity to convert electronic data such as microfiche, microfilm etc. into electronic formats such as XML with properly tagged and platform-neutral results. We can also integrate the client’s document management system for handling of interface issues like quality and scanning, thus ensuring a strong XML repository or format desired by the client. We have the following data conversion services on offer:

  • Digitizing services for documents
  • Conversion services of electronic data
  • Conversion services for PDF
  • Conversion services for electronic data
  • Conversion services for files
  • Conversion services for data
  • Word-formatting
  • Conversion services for XML
  • Conversion services for spreadsheets
  • Conversion services for HTML
  • Conversion services for books

PDF Conversion Services

Use of the PDF file format is very popular for exchange of electronic data because of its aesthetics and content presentation.  Not all companies have PDF conversion software and since hardcopy files require to be constantly converted into PDF documents these companies need to outsource this work. ‘LightTangent is geared to handle PDF conversion with excellent results.

XML Conversion Services

Handling of XML conversion services requires professional assistance. The professional team employed by ‘X’ company is geared to accept and process all versions of XML such as Document Type Definition (DTD) and XML Schema Definition (XSD) with more than 98% result in accuracy. Formats converted by us include:

  • Word
  • HTML
  • Text
  • Excel
  • PDF
  • RTF

We also provide software packages which can be used to convert electronic formats to XML. Since each client’s requirement can differ, our trained staff will make a study of your organization and come up with the most suitable method to use this software. Follow-up maintenance checkups are done to monitor the software.

To streamline the whole procedure, LightTangent have formulated different ways to upload and download data as follows:

  • E-mail
  • Mail
  • CD/DVD
  • FTP upload

Book Conversion:

Since book conversion projects require different formatting styles and different electronic formats such as HTML and PDF, LightTangent has upped its services in this category. As in the case of conversion and other services, specially trained staff ensures an outcome of superior blend of book conversion methodology.

After a study of the client’s requirements suggestions are put forward for the best formatting parameters such as paragraphs, margins, indentations, headings, page numbers, footnotes and endnotes, quotes, citations etc  along with a pertinent sample.  Once the sample is approved by the client the assignment is implemented.

Additional services which LightTangent can provide are mixed page content analysis involving searching and segregation of the graphic and content pages which need to go through different methods of processing. Also services like techniques for superior image processing to obtain improved book quality. These could include moiré removal, adaptive thresholding and de-screening.

Word Formatting Services

Making documents appear more impressive can be achieved by word formatting. A document that has better word use/arrangements will definitely grab and ensure the reader’s interest. LightTangent undertakes this service for its clients with the following word formatting services:

Format changing: Whatever document is submitted by the client, the specialised formatting team in our company will go through the same to understand what the client wants to convey. If required, the document can be completely redone to achieve a more aesthetic appeal.

Different customized styles: Since different styles of writing are available, the client can select a particular style which is then used when word formatting.

Besides the above two formatting procedures our staff can come up with proposals for different types of MS word formatting used for presentations, e-books etc. These documents/books can be changed to appear more appealing and user-friendly.

HTML Conversion Services

LightTangent has a wide range of HTML conversion services detailed below:

  • Conversion to DOC
  • Conversion to ASCII text
  • Conversion to XML
  • Conversion to MS Word and Excel
  • Conversion to JPEG
  • Conversion from paper to HTML
  • Conversion to HTML from sources such as microfiche, microfilm, electronic files etc.
  • Conversion to HTML from MS Word
  • Conversion to TIFF
  • Conversion to PDF
  • Conversion to RTF
  • Conversion to GIF
  • Conversion to PNG
  • Color conversion
  • Conversion to Power Point
  • Conversion to XHTML
  • Conversion to Adobe Acrobat

Spread Sheet Conversion Services

LightTangent shares below helpful information with regard to spread sheet conversion:

  1. Excel OCR Converter for web-based and desktop based software: By going online you can find simple OCR conversions for free. If you are interested in a paid service which can upload PDF files into excel spreadsheets you would have access to better quality. Freeware converter applications can be downloaded on the computer and which provide options for bulk conversion and language support. Different options such as Blue Label Soft’s PDF, Excel Converter 2.4, Cogniview’s PDF2XL etc can be checked out and a decision taken. Salient features for deciding would be OCR scanning volume, OCR conversion and time available.
  1. Adobe Acrobat used to convert PDF files into Excel: Adobe Acrobat presents an easy way to import data into excel from spreadsheets. First the PDF files should be OCR recognizable, then by choosing OCR text recognition the file can be easily saved as a table in Excel.
  1. Excel OCR used to program for scanning: Knowledge of Visual Basic or VBA will help writing a script which runs an OCR document scanning. Though time consuming this method is worth a try especially if you have knowledge of programming and image conversion.
  1. Data conversion and manual data entry from scanned images: When it comes to accuracy, manual data entry could prove most effective. Data Entry services and OCR conversion from different offshore providers is available at a reasonable cost. Poor image quality, fonts that cannot be recognised etc. can be taken care of with manual data entry. The multiple checking levels carried out during these services ensure accuracy.