Outsourcing of Data entry services has become an important business tool. By using such services a company can not only spend more time on other important aspects of management, it can also save on manpower and costs.  At LightTangent we are geared to help you benefit from the many data entry services available.  Please find below pertinent information on our services:

Book Data Entry Services

E-books are a versatile method of converting paper and electronic sources. They can be created in different electronic formats ensuring that even photographs and images are inserted. We have on offer the following useful solutions:

  • Formatting
  • Proofreading
  • Data entry
  • Scanning
  • Optical Recognition

Data Capture Services

Different clients have different needs when it comes to converting data. To accommodate such needs LightTangent employs high speed scanners before converting the data. Once the data is scanned it undergoes an OCR (optical character recognition) process or ICR (intelligent character recognition) and is then sent to the database for storage. This procedure helps in retrieving the data at any time later on.  Our systems can help businesses in the following areas:

  1. Converting paper to image: LightTangent has the capability of converting large volumes of paper documents of different file formats into digital images. After further processing, these images are ready for storing in an archive database.
  2. Capture of data from vouchers, receipts and coupons: LightTangent possesses the know-how of capturing this data.
  3. Checking of imaging and scanning: Because of the sensitivity of information being handled, close checks are maintained when data is converted. ‘X’ company’s OCR and ICR processing ensures that all such data is securely stored and ready for any-time retrieval.
  4. Capture of forms: We can help you collect information and convert images from forms after processing for subsequent storage in the database.
  5. Capture of data (Cards, Microfilms, Magnetic Tapes and Photo Data): We can capture data from cards and magnetic storage devices for processing making it easy for future retrieval.
  6. Data Entry of Municipal records, town records and birth records: ‘LightTangent also has the capacity to digitize data from public records as above. Such data is then stored for future reference and use.

Data Enrichment Services

Since data is retrieved from multiple sources it often leads to duplication or inconsistency, even incomplete information. This can lead to difficulty when analyzing the same. LightTangent can help avoid such problems through our Data Enrichment service. The service helps to remove records containing any such errors from the records. In the case of incomplete data the service is also capable of adding data from outside sources keeping its richness intact.

Depending on the clients’ specific requirements the data enrichment service provided by LightTangent includes a secondary research option in the data process ensuring there is no duplication and that errors are eliminated.  We use multiple data sources to help the company’s marketing and other staff to get quick and uncomplicated access to customer data. Through a process of normalization all the items in a class can also be used through a common unit of measure.

Data Entry from Enrolment Forms

LightTangent is able to offer superior service and give clients a high level of accuracy. Strict procedures are in place to ensure that all electronic, paper, fax transfers etc  undergo verification of eligibility through use of automated software. In case of any error, the transfer will not work. To ensure the procedure works efficiently, we allocate a senior staff member to oversee the same  for each client account.

We also offer data entry services for both online and offline data entry. Types of forms that are covered are:

Student enrolment forms

Retirement enrolment forms

Healthcare enrolment forms

Insurance enrolment forms.

Clients can receive data in different formats such as Word (.doc); Acrobat (.pdf); Excel (.xls); HTML (.htm); Access (.mdb); Text (.txt); and ASCII.  CDs, DVDs, emails, FTP or modern transfer are used to send the output to the clients.

Data Extraction Services

Being able to make sense of large volumes of data and make informed decisions based thereon is not easy.  You would need to have more specific extraction and processing of this data to run your business profitably. To this end LightTangent provides its clients with data extraction which will meet the specific needs of your company. Having the right data will help you to make the right decisions when it comes to dealing with competitors, allocating expenses and running your business successfully.

Database Development and Migration Services

When it comes to high level management of databases and migration services LightTangent has an edge. We can handle such services for all types and sizes of content databases whether it is a migrated and collated email database to support mass mailings, or a generated lead list. The services we offer are listed below:

  1. A customized approach: We customize our solutions to match the client’s specific specifications when it comes to developing and migrating databases.
  2. All encompassing processes: Our processes are created with great care to include functional and technical aspects of the client’s business. Specific areas involved are: data discovery; data mapping; impact analysis; and data design.
  3. Strict on security: While following general industry security procedures we also ensure that the client’s business data remains confidential.
  4. Management overseeing: To ensure flawless working and timely delivery of the project to the client, we have senior personnel who keep regular track of work performed by the migration staff and database developers.

Directory Services

Having a comprehensive directory relating to any operation in the company is a boon. Directories can be compiled when there is a growing market, information from which can lead to an opening for your specific solutions. Other areas for directory services would be to announce your upgraded services to new clients and upgrading of your client list.

Image Data Entry Services

We at LightTangent are well equipped to handle both online and offline high quality image data entry services whatever the project size.  The client can send us work either by fax or email and when the work is completed it is sent back in a format specified by the client. Our data entry services are listed below:

  • Data entry services for scanned images
  • Services for book entry
  • Services for database image entry
  • Services for spreadsheet image entry
  • Card entry and hand written services
  • Data entry for legal documents
  • Legal document and catalogue entry

At LightTangent no effort is spared when it comes to quality and accuracy. Specially trained professionals perform the keying in of the images in the software package at the different terminals. In the event of a mismatch the imbedded software sends out an alert. On completion of the operation a Quality Manager performs a quality check for accuracy.

We use high speed scanners which can scan images in different formats such as TIFF, PDF, RTF, JPEG and GIF which are designed to produce high quality images. These scanners can scan 10000 pages per day or more. Once the digitized images are completed they are forwarded to the client by email or in a CD.  An FTP server can also be used.

Invoice Forms Data Entry

LightTangent is highly qualified and experienced when it comes to data entry services. Our solutions take care of comprehensive data entry and invoice forms and they help clients to make positive decisions with regard to their companies financial and other business decisions. Industries dealing in healthcare, manufacturing, real estate, financial, banking, retail etc. all benefit from our professional upscale services. Our invoice forms data entry solutions are listed below:

  • Pro-forma Invoice data entry
  • Invoice hard copies data entry
  • Scanned images of invoices data entry
  • Self billing invoices data entry
  • Credit and debit memos data entry
  • Sorting, indexing and capturing of invoices data entry
  • Purchases and sales invoices data entry
  • Data entry of invoices into database programs/software applications
  • MS Word document and filling of Excel sheet data entry
  • Hard copies invoice scanning data entry
  • Data entry of time sheet and statement

Offline Data Entry Services

LightTangent has a long list of offline data entry services. In case clients require any other type of data entry work we would certainly try to accommodate their requirements. Below is a list of offline data entry services we undertake:

  • Processing of offline forms
  • Data collection offline
  • Form filling offline
  • URL list collection
  • Insurance claims offline entry
  • Catalogue, business cards and e-books entry
  • Data capture offline
  • Form processing offline
  • MS Word document and Excel sheet filling data entry
  • Data entry from one format to another
  • Database programs data entry

Offshore Data Entry Services

LightTangent is geared to offer professional offshore data processing services which can accommodate large volumes and several different types of data formats. We undertake data processing, OCR and ICR services, data capturing, and data entry and data conversion.

To enable clients to avail readily of our services the same can be sourced through printed matter, web resources, financial statements, manuscripts, sales/purchase, scanned images, time sheets, payroll records, surveys, questionnaires and all types of bills.

Our clients can select what format they would like to receive their data entry records in – Word, PDF format, Excel, XML, SGML, HTML, ASCII format – or by email, disk etc. To help clients manage their data entry projects effectively and make positive business decisions we also provide tabulation and analysis and data extraction.

Online Data Entry Services

  1. Online data entry services: LightTangent has on offer a range of services covering simple data entry work and data compilation of website data, e-books, catalogues and business cards as also online data entry services and form processing. To ensure our clients get top quality service we use the latest technology and their confidentiality is assured through direct connection to their systems.
  2. Catalogue online data entry: When dealing with online stores the client’s data base needs to be updated from PDF/manufacturer’s website/catalogue. This service also takes care of modifying text, image editing and preparation of online catalogues through a deletion/addition process after checking the internet.
  3. Data Entry of online image: Among our special image data entry services are: image cropping, scanned images; high speed data entry from images; image clipping; image capturing; image editing; and image retrieval. We guarantee good service both for online and offline image data entry.
  4. Databases online data entry: A database needs to be created for online data entry providing up-to-date information. Regular maintenance and upgrading of this data base is required for a business to run smoothly – by providing storage and updating of important data. As in online imaging this service too can be provided both online and offline. The more common databases used for data entry are MS Access, Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL, Visual Basic, Oracle, ASP and FoxPro. By using online data base entry the redundancy data is reduced.
  5. E-books online data entry: E-books are used by clients to avoid work monotony and save time. We at ‘X’ company are able to cater to the client’s needs by providing e-book related data entry services inclusive of books, magazines, manuals, websites, surveys, questionnaires, etc. Our staff members who handle these data entry services are well trained in program knowledge and are language proficient thus ensuring accuracy and quick turnaround of work.