Data processing services cover Forms processing, Litigation, Survey and Data processing services.  By converting all your information to automatic data processing you will be able to streamline your business and stay abreast with the latest in technology. To help you reach high levels of success in your business LightTangent offers the very latest in data processing services.

Forms Processing Services:

Filling in data in different types of forms is a part of everyday business. By extracting this data and using electronic formatting to convert it, human errors are avoided. The process will also help in reducing costs. The data once stored can then be accessed from any location. To meet a client’s particular requirements LightTangent checks out how data is collected. A suitable procedure is then suggested with required changes if required.

Areas where LightTangent’s Form Processing services can prove helpful:

  • Legal documents, Tax and Accounts
  • Conversion of data
  • Insurance claims
  • Processing of Resumes
  • Warranty Cards
  • Market Research and Survey
  • Application forms
  • Payroll
  • Processing of online forms
  • Medical forms
  • Fulfillment of Orders

Litigation Services:

Litigation work involves research, paralegal activities and back-office work. LightTangent have experienced paralegals, lawyers and specialists in documenting to handle successful litigation matters. We also have trained Coders and Subject Matter Experts. By using our services the need to hire outside legal help is negated. We work 24/7 so your matters will move fast, and in the process save on costs.

Data Processing Services:

LightTangent can offer extremely effective and well organized data processing services as under:

  • Interpreting, analyzing and summarizing of all data
  • Coding and aggregating of large data volumes
  • Computation and statistical analysis of data
  • Indexing and organizing of data
  • Presenting data in a well tabulated, usable and validated format
  • Scanning and processing of pertinent data

By using our Data Processing Services the following benefits can be obtained:

  • All information on paper documents get automated and computerized
  • The latest technology in software is used to digitize the data
  • Analyzing data helps to get more out of data processing
  • Benefits stemming from accurate data
  • Processing and organization of large volumes of data
  • Unwanted data removed
  • Easy access to relevant data

Some of the benefits achieved by using LightTangent for data processing services include:

  • Savings in cost
  • Services provided by a specialized team of experts
  • Data provided by our team of experts will help in better in-depth analysis
  • All work executed within specified time frame
  • Risk-free service
  • Assured privacy in respect of client data

Survey Processing Services

At LightTangent we can conduct surveys in the following areas:

  • To assess employee productivity
  • Surveying of market trends and requirements
  • Client’s feedback on products and services
  • Performance ratings in an organization

Conducting regular online surveys can help clients to stay on top of their game. The market undergoes constant change and by keeping a finger on the pulse can prove of immense help. At LightTangent we can help you to define your needs and then work out a way to handle the required survey procedures.

  1. Setup: We will help the client to draw up a suitable plan to initiate the process.
  2. Design: To activate audience response well prepared documentation such as questionnaires, forms etc. need to be prepared.
  3. Collection of information: Once responses are obtained through questionnaires and other analyzing methods, LightTangent will use the information to meet the client’s requirements.
  4. Scanning: Using Optical Character recognition and Intelligent Character Recognition LightTangent will then convert captured data into different formats in a short period of time.
  5. Data entry: For better data extraction and analysis LightTangent then transfers the said data to excel spreadsheets.
  6. Analysis and reporting of data: We conduct statistical tests like ANOVA sampling, correlation tests and cross table analysis which information gets presented in tabular or graphical form.