Commonly used as ESG in the industry, ESG data collection includes data collection of companies based on these 3 non-financial parameters which are environment, social and governance. As a part of this data collection, we will collect data on companies from publicly available sources (Annual reports, company website).

Examples of data which are important for each of these parameters are as follows –


·        What was the energy used by the company in a financial year?

·        What was the waste generated in a financial year?

·        Did the company generate hazardous waste?

·        Is the company Environment Management System certified percent?

Corporate Governance

·        Is the audit committee/nomination committee independent?

·        Is the company has a gender diversity policy on the board?

·        Compensation of Senior Management

·        Does the company have anti-takeover devices?

·        Were there any compensation controversies in the financial year?


·        Total number of accidents in the financial year

·        What is the percentage of women employees in the company?

·        Total Donations made by the company

·        Were there any health & safety controversies in the financial year?

Our Offering

For any data collection requirement on ESG data, reach out to us. We will gather the information from publicly available sources/sources provided by us and customize it based on your requirement.