LightTangent has on offer a comprehensive range of e-book conversion services which can be used for all types of e-book formatting – from cover to cover.

E-book conversion is now gaining in popularity. Readers who use iPads, tablets, Kindle Fires and a host of other such gadgets would need e-book conversion to convert reading material and make it compatible with Mobipocket Readers to suit the various smart phones and e-book devices being used. Such devices would include Windows PC, BlackBerrys, Symbian and other windows-based items). E-book conversion can also handle different formats and different size screens which prove helpful, as each reader may have different e-book requirements.

LightTangent have a team of skilled and experienced CSS experts and coders who ensure error-free e-books.  Please find below some of the services LightTangent is offering:

  • Conversion of PDF
  • Linking/tagging of Table of Contents
  • Conversion of iPhone and iPad
  • Strict proof reading to ensure that all illustrations and images are of required size and in proper positions
  • Kindle conversion
  • Page headers/page numbers checking
  • Re-pagination

It is the age of advancing technology so you should make the most of it. Besides authors who are normally associated with books, even establishments such as universities and publishers can benefit from our superior e-book conversion services.