While developing content, there is a great chance that texts might mislead at some point of time and thus confuse the reader. Grammatical errors and spelling mistakes might be overlooked despite being well written. It is a known fact that it is difficult to proof read one’s own content because the perspective remains the same. While reading your own write-up, you get used to the style and presentation that errors like punctuation mistakes gets overlooked. To hire a fresh pair of eyes is often the best solution to this.

To give your work a sense of lucidity and structure, outsource the same to LightTangent Consultancy.

Our Services

  • Articles / Newsletters
  • Research papers
  • Fiction/Non fiction
  • Academic books/Essays
  • Autobiographies and biographies
  • Website content
  • Magazines
  • Business proposals and correspondences
  • Resumes / Applications for various purposes
  • Advertisements/ Jingles
  • Pamphlets/Brochures/Catalogues
  • Manuals/Reference books
  • Essays

And many more.

Why choose us?

  • Since we are experienced in the field and have mastered the art of proofreading, we will be able to identify the tiniest of slips. This is ensured through great attention to details
  • We have a good TAT and can take up assignments at a short notice
  • You can save on expenses that might be incurred while hiring a full-time proof reading team
  • Zero compromise on quality and precision
  • We have the expertise of serving various businesses from a variety of industries like healthcare, BPO, financial services, travel and hospitality, imports/exports, information technology, FMCG, energy and utilities, materials, handicrafts, academics and various niche industries
  • We are considered a specialist for small and medium level businesses