LightTangent Consultancy is in a position to help fund managers and financial institutions with important and valuable indicators such as technical analysis, quantitative analytics etc which in turn lead to successful investments. We have a wide range of financial research services such as retail brokerage research, credit research, equity research and commodities research.

Retail Brokerage Research: This service will help you to be in the know of what opportunities your competitors may have and how such opportunities can affect your customer needs.

Credit Research: Making informed decisions which will have a positive effect on your business could be guided by evaluation of credit opportunities as also the risks or threats affecting particular investments.

Equity Research: This service covers comprehensive equity research involving investments targets, as also positive and beneficial opportunities for your clients.

Commodities Research: Our commodities research service helps with both analyses of investments as also investment opportunities.

Retail Risk Analytics: Companies planning to make immediate investments could benefit from our retail risk analytics services which involves in-depth research of all retail risks involved.

Fundamental Analytics: We have an all inclusive analytics service which reveals fundamental indicators for both the company and its target competitors.

Derivatives Off-shoring: To make use of the best opportunities in the current market, our services of off-shoring derivatives help both in investments made by a company’s clients as also assets held by the company itself.

Private Wealth Management: We offer private wealth management services which can be availed of by private wealth entities as also companies who would like to offer their clients this service.