One of the secrets of a company’s success is when they focus on areas in which they excel. If this is to be achieved, other work which is not on the ‘A’ list could be assigned to an outside source for implementing. One such task is indexing. This will leave the company free to concentrate on the important jobs that crop up. By outsourcing non-core work it also means the work is taken over by people who have been trained especially for the job. LightTangent uses the latest in technology for indexing services thus assuring the client of superior results and reduced costs. We are aware that client needs differ and to this end we can create special solutions to suit each client.

Benefits of indexing services:

Better access to more people and technology: Using LightTangent for indexing services will give companies access to state-of-the-art equipment plus benefit from the knowledge and experience of our trained staff.

Personalised attention: LightTangent Company has on its rolls Project Managers who deal directly with the clients. This helps in overall project understanding, open communication, status updates etc. which will keep the client in the loop at all times and result in superior results.

Superior Services: LightTangent also has in place a Quality Control unit which strictly monitors quality.  Clients are thus assured that all their expectations are met.

Customized solutions: When you outsource indexing services to LightTangent, we take all your requirements into consideration. From checking out the target audience, to details like number of entries, page size, format etc. we make an initial study and then start the project. Other details such as format, illustrated or tabular index etc. are also taken into account. This comprehensive initial focus ensures that we provide solutions to meet the individual expectations of clients.