With hundreds of businesses already prospering using web-based trading, the time has come to make available the e-commerce facility to smart phone, PDA, tablet and other such users. This step will open up your product lists and services to a whole new group of people.LightTangent’s online catalogue services will help you use e-commerce to push your business in the right direction. Our catalogue digital services are listed below:

  • Catalogue conversion online: Included in this service are listings of products/services, tips on how to get the best resolutions from product images and updated product information. It does not matter what product or service you are offering, the online catalogue is basically designed to attract clients.
  • Websites that are custom designed: As the name suggests these websites are custom designed to suit information of different clients – prospective, service representatives, channel partners, etc.
  • Indexing and building of catalogues: Clients require easy access with regard to products and services. LightTangent makes this possible by intelligent indexing and building of catalogues. We have trained staff who are in tune with the requirements of buyers online and by keeping abreast of industry trends they are able to compile catalogues to suit all needs.
  • Catalogue updating: Catalogues need to be updated on a regular basis – whether it is to add new products or make more important changes. This type of catalogue updating can use up a lot of valuable company time and it requires dedicated man power. Outsourcing of this work will help save such time. LightTangent has the expertise and experience to update all your catalogue work. We build and index paper catalogues into digital versions and then conduct updates on a regular basis. In this manner any new products can be added under categories and sub-categories which in turn could lead to increased business. LightTangent assures its clients of speed and accuracy with its catalogue updating service. 
  • Processing of catalogues: A successfully put-together catalogue is important to attract clients. LightTangent can present a company’s products and services by superior catalogue processing which in turn will result in a longer reach and increased business. During catalogue processing we touch-up, crop, edit and enhance images of the products being advertised. Improved transformation is also achieved by removing unnecessary backgrounds, image improvement and addition of special effects. 
  • Management Systems relating to content: An attractive appearance is half the battle won when selling products. The better the images in your website, the higher the sales will go. To achieve this LightTangent ensures that all photos are of the highest quality and they are accompanied with a detailed description of the product. Our graphic experts have the ability to improve and enhance all the pictures that need to be included in the catalogue. Areas for such improvement include:
  • Image cropping
  • Zoom view
  • Image clipping
  • Background changes
  • Image re-sizing
  • Image enhancement
  • Image tagging
  • Thumbnail creation

Besides the above services we also have on offer additional services as under:

Product Data Entry: With the help of SEO (on-page search engine optimization) experts and using ecommerce CMS technology such as CubeCart, OpenCart, BoxBilling, Quick Cart, osCommerce, TomatoCart, Zen Cart etc. we can help clients with e-commerce product data entry by updating stock information and product descriptions. This ensures that all images meet the compatibility standards of the search engine.

Processing Ecommerce Order:  LightTangent uses a detailed process to capture order information, check on product availability and process the electronic purchase. This procedure helps with invoicing and shipping of customer goods.

Graphic and Image Support: LightTangent has superior data imaging services which include Cropping, Clipping, Image Creation, Tagging, Resizing, Thumbnail, Zoom, Background change, Enhancement etc.  Such superior output of images will automatically attract clients and result in good business.

Data Mining: Data mining involves mining of data from PDF files, Web, spreadsheets, e-books, e-brochures, catalogues etc. Through such data mining we help clients to obtain product information such as pricing etc. from different sources. LightTangent’s data mining services also provide information on evolving pricing dynamics, product descriptions and image files included in competitors’ information.