This is the era of on-line shopping with numerous e-commerce websites getting created. Product description is one of the key differentiator which impacts the decision making of a customer.

It depends how the product is presented to the customer and how it address the customer needs/interest. Product description differs from products to products. There is no hard and fast rule how a product description should be written. The number of words, single paragraph vs multiple small paragraph, bullet points vs summary, must have points ( many customers are specific what every product description should have). Like any other marketing material, a product description should be brief, interesting, attractive. Primary objective of a good product description is sale of the product, however every product description should create a positive impact on the mind of the customer which may lead to a future sale.

Every product should have a description which depicts the features, functionality, target audience, usefulness, how does the product work, when to use it and finally why you should buy it.

Industry we Cover

Our writers are experienced in writing for all the product categories. This list is as follows but not limited to –

•Consumer Durables
•Computer peripherals
•Office Supplies
•Baby Products
•Food Items
•Health products
•Beauty products
•Musical Instruments

Our writers will write unique content for your product descriptions that are both SEO-friendly and appealing to customers.

Why LightTangent

Our writers can help you create product descriptions which is in line with your brand image and persuasive to your audience. We believe in the usage of simple words for easy understanding of the customers and attracting customers to the product and persuading them. We have a format for writing product descriptions however we are open to customize it based on your requirement.

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