Research & Analytics

Today the world market place is a treasure of opportunities. Some opportunities are obvious while others may be hidden in emerging fields. As knowledge of the latter may not be readily available it would be wise for companies to opt for research services which will help them to gain an advantage over their competitors. LightTangent Consultancy uses the latest technology to conduct their research and data analysis to ferret out such hidden fields and help companies to check out new horizons. Analytics is something that the current day business cannot do without. LightTangent Consultancy’s Research & Analytics offers a smart blend of technology and research, which are aligned towards meeting the unique needs of the industry that the client works in. We specialize in providing end-to-end solutions spanning across processes and operations, integrated with futuristic technology..

Business Research Services

We offer extensive business research services to unlock the hidden potential of your businesses .
Reach new horizons by engaging us for your business research needs

Financial Research services

Position of the company, financial status of competitor or how they fare in the market slots.

Comprehensive financial analysis with special focus on business improvement.

Market Research

Market Research – the vital ingredient in any sales effort. Our experts with top analytical skills provide high quality market research.

Improve market share, save costs and make your presence felt by using the quality service we provide.

Pharmaceutical Research Services

Our pharmaceutical research services engage highly educated and skilled personnel and would ensure cost-effectiveness.

Fastest TAT, cost effectiveness and high quality analysis – our research team ensures that!

Research & Analytics

LightTangent Consultancy also offers other research and analytics services like E-learning Services, Indexing Services, Media Research Services and Online Catalogue Services. 

Why Choose Us

LightTangent Consultancy has a team of dedicated content writers who again are specialized in specific writing assignments like content development, editing, technical writing, creative writing etc. The team is also well equipped to access data to develop content even for the most complex projects. We base our writing on extensive research and analysis. The written content is then passed on to the editing team who thoroughly reviews the content. After quality check and final approval we deliver the content that best suits you. The team is a mix of young writers who bring in vibrant ideas and experienced writers who understand the nuances of writing. Together we are dedicated to bring the best to the customer.

What Client’s Say

I approached LightTangent consultancy to develop content for my website when I was just entering business. They not only developed content from the scratch but also advised me on adding data that helped me in building the business.
Dianne Marshall, A Start Up Firm
Our company was organizing a huge expo and we wanted product descriptions for thousands of industrial products. We were pressed for time too. LightTangent Consultancy took up the assignment and not only gave the best quality product descriptions but also helped us meet our deadline.
Mitchell Pease
Working in the sanitation department, I required articles on the city’s sanitation issues. The company provided well researched and neatly catalogued articles which helped us compile our report.
Pat Zinzi, Researcher