In the world of content development, rewriting is of prime importance and is the key in today’s world. Even the greatest of the books written will not be as eye catching as it is if it weren’t proof read and edited. A large volume of the business at LightTangent consists of re-writing. Rewriting is not just about altering a few sentences or words in the original text. The main purpose of rewriting is to make the text or the content more appealing – not only to the people but to Google as well! The inconsequential changes made have to be made in a professional way with great insight.

We claim expertise in the field with writers specialized for the same. We have been providing the service to a wide array of businesses across industries.

Our Services

  • Articles / Newsletters
  • Research papers
  • Fiction/Non fiction
  • Academic books/Essays
  • Autobiographies and biographies
  • Website content
  • Magazines
  • Business proposals and correspondences
  • Resumes / Applications for various purposes
  • Advertisements/ Jingles
  • Pamphlets/Brochures/Catalogues
  • Manuals/Reference books
  • Essays

And many more.

Our job is to ensure that your content is free of superfluous parts so that it becomes more readable. We enhance the existing content by changing tone, words used and overall sentence structure. We make sure that the meaning that you want to convey through the content is not lost in the process. We adhere to the rule that a rewritten content has to be professional and sophisticated.

Why do you have to rewrite the content?

The answer is simple. It increases your credibility. People and businesses are often judged based on the content that they present in their websites and other media. The content that you present should never be undermined. Whichever business you belong to – be it be software or academics or industrials – the words wrongly used and errors such as grammatical or spelling flaws demonstrates sub-standards. It gives to the customer a sense that the whole approach that you have adopted is flaccid. Even if the content is very good, you would need someone with a different view to analyze the same. Hence, rewriting can be of great importance to elevate the standard that you display.

Why choose LightTangent Consultancy

  • Our rewriting services are firmly based on the customer’s requirements. We can rephrase, change wrong syntax or flimsy wordings
  • We ensure that the content is looked at in a new perspective giving room for more improvement
  • We rewrite the content keeping in mind the interests of the target audience. Our team will study your organization’s goals, studies competitions, accesses target audience and then work on the content
  • We deliver a content that is rewritten in a rich and appealing way
  • We differentiate each project from the rest and treat it uniquely
  • Our writers are very skilled and experienced in the field. The quality of work that they will provide will be impeccable ensuring that the main idea is not distorted
  • Based on just requirement gathering we can provide samples that will help you come up with even newer ideas
  • We change content that are out of date and has insufficient content. We look into the quality of already existing content which are edited too

The success of a business or a document will mainly depend on the content. More and more individuals and organizations are focusing on the quality of the content. Words can pull you up or push you down. It is always better that your content is reviewed with a fresh pair of eyes. Keeping in mind that words do make a difference, ensure that your content is of great quality and is up to date by partnering with the expertise that we can provide. LightTangent Consultancy can be the solution to your rewriting woes.