LightTangent is proficient and expert when it comes to software maintenance and support services. Outsourcing these services not only ensures valuable assistance, it also helps to devote time to core software development. Our services include:

  • Ongoing Supports: This involves bug fixing, analysis and resolution, problems and on-call support.
  • Adaptive Enhancements: We design modifications to support any changes in technical or business requirements.
  • Perfective Upgrades: This is used to add new features and functionality.
  • Technical Improvements: Rewriting or optimization restructuring.

LightTangent has valuable experience in providing software maintenance and support service packages to companies worldwide, as also to independent software vendors. Our expert team has in-depth knowledge of Database & language migration, version upgrade, re-engineering and functionality, porting, and version upgrades. We are geared to handle all types of maintenance and support services.

We have on offer the following maintenance and support solutions:

  1. Adaptive: This service covers any changes that need to be made to operating functions of software applications. We use the following modifications:
  • Altering localizations and regulations
  • Changing hardware configurations
  • Changing data format
  • Integrating new operating systems
  • Modifying supporting utilities
  1. Corrective: Our corrective software maintenance services include:
  • Coding errors
  • Logic errors
  • Design errors

We also resolve software related errors such as misspelled words/sentences and bugs and correct wrong algorithms in the software product.

  1. Perfective: To perfectly meet a client’s requirements, software applications such as maintainability, performance, other attributes etc. need to be effective. We are able to take care of the following services:
  • Insertions
  • Modifications
  • Enhancements
  • Deletions
  • Changes
  1. Preventive: We can analyze your software’s requirements and problems related to:
  • Past occurrence
  • Customer feedback

In addition to the above maintenance and support solutions we offer critical planning to help support, determine logistics and post-delivery operations which help to lower costs and save time.

  • Flexible pricing and time/material: We are able to create custom packages to suit individual clients and which have multiple pricing and time options.
  • Software developed by us or a third party has our software support both online and technical. We also offer affordable SMP renewal options and special yearly and monthly packages.
  • Our maintenance includes fixing bugs, trouble-shooting software issues, and regular maintenance tasks such as version, patch and releases, source code, integration of releases, fixing crash sites etc. For patch/release management and deployment we have special service packs and manage different release and patches. These are tested in a simulated client IT environment and then released to the client. They can also be deployed at customer installations.
  • To ensure proper client support requirements we have Software support and Maintenance long term contracts. In special cases monthly contracts can also be negotiated.