LightTangent has a range of web application development services which include: Analysis – Development – Conceptualization – Testing – Implementation – and Maintenance.

Our solutions include:

  • Web application development: This service includes reverse engineering, custom application development, integration, application customization, testing, deployment, porting, implementation and lastly rollout management.
  • Application Maintenance: This includes issuing incidents management, request/incident processing work requests, root cause analysis and development of possible solutions
  • Cross Platform Application Development: We provide powerful applications which are accessible through any device and which work well on any operating system or platform.
  • Web-based Database Programming: We undertake database optimization and tuning for complex databases and distributed servers ensuring optimal performance.
  • Architecture Consulting and Design: This service involves development planning with capacity, requirements analysis, scalability consulting, network etc.
  • Open Source Software Integration: We offer open source software suggestions, application testing, architecture planning, and integration with other software products.
  • Resolution and Reporting: We perform issue resolution, application performance analysis and reporting services.
  • Web Design and Development: This service includes providing creative website designs, solid management tools and rich functionalities.
  • Web and Enterprise Portals: We provide B2B and B2C portals, communities and networks, enterprise information systems, media portals etc.

LightTangent’s team has expertise in the following web application developments: Mass media – entertainment – education – real estate – e-commerce and e-business – travel portals – financial – business web – engineering – healthcare –  manufacturing etc.

Our B2B and B2C e-commerce portals include: Customer relationship management – social networks and communities – electronic communications – knowledge management – workflow automation – supply chain management – content management systems – digital media distribution – enterprise intranets/extranets – collaborative tools and document management.

LightTangent develops totally integrated, customized web applications for a host of industry verticals. Based on behavioural patterns we create a navigational structure which assists users to locate information. Our expertise in open source technology ensures that all web applications provided are seamless and flexible and provide scalable integration for all popular open source technologies.

Our web application development solutions result in lower maintenance and top performance as also savings in costs. Below is some of the web applications developed for our customers:

  • Call centre
  • Utility management system
  • Online recruiting
  • Mobile phone account management system
  • Web based doctor survey
  • Accounting/loans and receivables administration system