General Questions (GQ)

GQ1 – Tell me about yourself

(Spend 1-2 minutes talking about yourselves – Focus on your Scrum Master, agile certifications)

GQ2 -What are the 2-3 things you would like before you join an organization?

(Answer in align to the job profile, Mention your affinity towards the organization,)

GQ3 -What are the 2-3 things you would like not to have in the new organization?

(Mention aspects current role challenges, limited learning opportunity, location (if applicable))

GQ4 – Why do you like to join our organization?

(Mention aspects like the advertised role, learning opportunity, brand name (based on the company), compensation)

GQ5 – What are the reasons you are looking for a job change?

(Similar to the above question, you can mention learning opportunity, role of the job based on Job description, how your interest matches the new job advertised, location (if applicable))