Scrum vs Kanban – Which one shall we adopt?

How it all started?

Before we get into details of Scrum vs Kanban, we will take a top-down approach, first thing to understand is What is Agile? and Agile Manifesto .  This will give you a view of the agile revolution, Scrum and Kanban are part of this structure.

The Agile Manifesto, which has 4 values and 12 principles, is supported by frameworks; two famous frameworks are Scrum and Kanban.

The next part is to understand these frameworks before we decide which one to adopt over the other.

What is Scrum?

What is Kanban?

Difference between Scrum vs Kanban  

InceptionSoftware Development (A Framework created for software development)Originated from Lean Manufacturing
ApproachEach element of the scrum framework serves a specific purpose that is essential to the overall value and results realized with Scrum. This has to be followed.Less prescriptive as compared to Scrum, 3 Kanban practices are must
AccountabilitiesScrum defines three specific accountabilities within the Scrum Team: the Developers, the Product Owner, and the Scrum MasterDoes not have defined accountabilities
Iterative approachFollows Iterative approachDoes not follow iterative approach
CadenceSprints have fixed length events of one month or lessContinuous flow
PlanningScrum events for planning are Sprint Planning, Daily ScrumNo defined cadence for planning however team can decide based on context

Conclusion – Scrum vs Kanban

There is no prescribed answer to use Scrum or Kanban. It all boils down to one aspect and that is context. Try one framework for a certain period and inspect and adapt and track the progress, move it to the next if you don’t see progress. Either Scrum or Kanban, continuous improvement is the key.