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Scrum Master interview – Technical Questions

Here are technical questions you may encounter as part of the Scrum Master Interview. The intent is to understand your knowledge of Scrum, your experience as a Scrum Master, and your knowledge of Agile.

Refer to this article for a complete set of questions for a Scrum Master interview –

Technical Questions (TQ) – Scrum Master Interview Questions

TQ1 – What is Scrum?

TQ2 -What is Agile Manifesto?

TQ3 -Was Agile created for Software Development? (Yes, agile methodology was primarily created for software development)

TQ4 – What is Kanban

TQ5 – What is SAFe?

TQ6 – What is the Definition of Done (DoD)?

TQ7 – What is Definition of Ready (DoR)?

TQ8What are the scaling agile frameworks?

TQ9 – Which framework is the best in agile?

TQ10 – What is the difference between Scrum and Kanban?

TQ12 – What is the difference between a Scrum Master and Agile Coach?

How to prepare for a scrum master interview?

Preparing for a scrum master interview is no different than preparing for any other interview, having said that the technical questions focus is on Scrum and a bit on agile question and team coaching (if you are an experienced scrum master, be prepared for team coaching skills). Normally an interview can be broadly divided in 4 categories –

  1. General Questions
  2. Technical Questions
  3. Behavioral Questions
  4. Situational Questions

Considering each one of us had a different journey, all your answers should be based on your own experience and the level of knowledge.

Below you will find a list of questions for each of these 4 categories, for some questions you will get the answer and for some we have shared guidance for these questions which will help you prepare for interview. Some questions are pretty straight forward, there are no answers mentioned.

Click on each category to get the questions