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What is agile coaching

Agile coaching is coaching on agile by an agile coach usually for a certain period. Normally for every coaching you need a coach and a coachee, coach provide the training and coachee receives the training. You would have heard of various coaches i.e life coaches and football coaches. Coaching is working with people. Agile coaching can be done for people, team or organization.

To understand about agile coaching, it’s important to know who is an agile coach and what does an agile coach do?

Agile Coaching comprises of 2 words – Agile and Coaching. According to Rachel Davies and Liz Sedley in their book “Agile Coaching”, Agile coaching is understanding the situation, the values underlying Agile software development, and how the two can combine. There is no ready-made prescription for agile coaching as scenarios vary and coaching is done according to the situation. The Agile Coach can be  internal, external individuals who can play this role.