Does Kanban have a Kanban Scrum Master?

Does Kanban have a Kanban Scrum Master?

Have you come across this word – Kanban Scrum Master?  The question arises who is accountable as a scrum master in Kanban or an equivalent role?

Before we get into the answer, go through this information –

Accountability of a Scrum Master

Kanban on a page

Is there a Kanban Scrum Master?

Refer to this line in this article (Kanban on a page) – Those who participate in the value delivery of a Kanban system are called Kanban system members. There are no roles defined by Kanban, hence there is no such role called Kanban Scrum Master. However, there are teams following Kanban that have roles like Flow Master (this is not prescribed anywhere and varies from context to context and also as per the team’s convenience). A Flow Master is a person who facilitates the daily stand-up (Again Kanban does not prescribe a daily stand-up however teams have a daily stand-up to discuss work impediments and progress).

If it is an interview question, the answer is simple – There is no Kanban Scrum Master however there can be a Flow Master based on the team dynamics and context.

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